The International MultiHull Rating Rule has evolved from several earlier rules that have been in use in the Caribbean in recent years.  The main task has been to adapt the well established Texel Rating system to the local requirements of multihull racing in the Caribbean and other diverse areas of the globe.  The formulas and calculations used in our rating system are based on those used successfully for the Texel Rating and its derivatives such as Multihull Dynamics, Multi 2000, Swedish Rating System and OMR among others.  We have not attempted to reinvent anything but have merely adjusted the rule to:

  • Bring measurements and certain calculations in line with the International Measuring system (IMS)
  • Accommodate yachts with different sizes and types of daggerboards
  • Accommodate yachts that use foils to reduce their wetted surface area
  • Make use of dual wind band ratings to fairly rate yachts in different conditions
  • Simplify the process of obtaining a rating for production multihulls that are less race oriented
  • Simplify the formula to directly produce Time Correction Factors that will assist regatta organisers to process results

The base concept rule has been used successfully since 2014 and has been constantly refined and improved as requirements of the racing fleet have evolved.  It has been found to return tighter corrected times that reflect yacht potential better than comparable systems.  Development of the rule will continue to adapt over time to address new innovations in yacht design.